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All Dance King instructors are professionally trained in teaching social & ballroom styles.  We all came from different backgrounds but we share a love of dancing, teaching & interacting with our students.



Adam "the dance" King

We challenge any person to take a class or lesson with Adam and not smile or laugh the entire time. He's like a little ball of energy and razzle-dazzle all wrapped up in one.


There are a few things about Adam that we try not to hold against him though. He is from New Jersey and he is ballroom trained. We know what you might be thinking, but no, he doesn't have an accent, and no, our studio does not have that uptight, staunchy ballroom feel. Our fearless leader opened the studio with two goals in mind:

1. To make dancing affordable for everyone.

2. To focus on purely social styles that you would actually use.


Simply put, it's awesome.


April Marie King  Professional Dance Instructor

A dance lesson with April will easily turn into the best part of your day!  Taking an individual approach with all her students, April’s patience, humor, & way of breaking down concepts, puts all her students at ease. She genuinely loves working with people & has a beautiful way of helping students feel comfortable while learning.  She has a life long passion for dancing.  A private lesson with our Queen of Hearts will bring thousands of smiles to your face & some serious improvement to your dancing!

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