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Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The big day is approaching!

Have you picked out a special song for your first dance and don’t want to just “clutch & sway” to it? Or are you not really sure what dance is perfect for your song? Do you have a very short amount of time left & need help with a few twirls and an elegant dip? Want to wow the guests with a creative, elaborate dance?

No matter the exact situation, one thing is true - you want your first dance to be a special, memorable, & bonding experience. Moments captured in beautiful pictures & treasured forever. We’re very excited to help you! We love helping wedding couples. Our wedding packages are super affordable. We discount them more than any other dance packages we offer just because we understand how stressful & budget draining wedding preparations can be.

In addition to the Bride & Groom’s first dance, we also help with mother & son & father & daughter dances. We help you choose a great song if you are unsure. All dances are choreographed in a relaxed, friendly environment, carefully taking into consideration your time, ideas, personality & any special circumstances. We have worked with hundreds of wedding couples, so no worries…you’re in good hands.


For wedding couples interested in having their wedding dance choreographed, there will be an additional $360 choreography fee, with a minimum purchase of a 10 Lesson Package.

This covers 3 hours of our time, outside of our lesson time together, that we use to create and learn the choreography. Teaching/demo video(s) will be provided to the couple so they can see it and practice at home.

If interested in other options for wedding lessons, give us a call.  


Please note that wedding packages also include group classes.  This is our gift to you.  Group class isn’t just a fun date night, but also a booster to your dancing through repetition & muscle memory.  Mondays from 7:45-10:00 p.m. we teach basics to the most useful social dances out there.  


Call us today! 

(703) 44-DANCE

Your Wedding DJ

Learn more about our King and Queen DJ & Dance Experience.

Make your wedding day/experience even more magical and memorable with our All-Inclusive DJ, MC, Lighting and Dance Exclusive with Dance King Entertainment.

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