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New Year . . . New Focus

Better health, more energy, happiness, and enjoyment. That's exactly what our mission + vision is as we start the year anew. We know the importance of accountability and are excited to take the lead in creating a community for those who want to improve their overall fitness. Within this community, we can share our goals + accomplishments, help each other stay motivated, be encouraged by our friends, seek fitness advice, and stay accountable. No more out of site, out of mind with our fitness goals.

One of the most important elements of fitness is continuity. Progress will only realistically be accomplished when we adhere to our activity goals consistently.

Dancing is a fantastic way to stay active! As a low-impact aerobic activity, dancing leads to better balance, coordination, flexibility, heart health, and more! Part of the reason that dancing is such a great activity, is because we are often times more focused on learning and connecting with our partner, that we don't feel like we are working out. You are holding hands, laughing, smiling, spending time with are moving without thinking about moving.

We have chosen to purchase an Apple Watch to track our movement and daily activity. There are many other options for tracking, and you are not required to use an Apple Watch to be a part of our Dance King Fitness Community. If you are interested in joining us, let us know!

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