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Dance King Future Leaders

A Teen Leadership Program

Adam's 20-years of teaching dance has yielded some interesting insight and powerful perspective on connecting with others -- both on and off the dance floor. He's created a unique program that weaves communication, social, and leadership skills into the timeless life skill that is dance.

Owner, Adam King, introduces real world practical applications for necessary concepts to be a strong leader. Teens will learn the importance of taking the first step as a key principle of leadership, having a clear vision, moving confidently in the direction of their vision, creating a positive presence, the importance of initiating, and countless other principles -- all taught on the backdrop of partner dance.


There are a significant amount of benefits that learning to dance provides. Learning to dance increases one’s confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. Because dancing is social, it creates the opportunity for making lasting and meaningful connections with others through a mutually enjoyed activity. Dancing also promotes the use of good manners, encourages positivity, teaches us patience, and influences healthy communication.

Dancing has countless physical benefits as well. Since dancing is an athletic activity, teens will experience improvements in their balance, coordination, and posture. As a low-impact aerobic activity, dancers can boost their metabolism, heart health, lung capacity, and muscular endurance when participating regularly. Increased flexibility and range of motion are also powerful benefits.


Classes will be held 2x a month, beginning in March 2021.

WEEKDAY OPTION: Begins Thursday, March 3rd at 8:00PM

WEEKEND OPTION: Begins Saturday, March 5th at 12PM

SEMI-PRIVATE OPTION: Dates + Times Vary *Call to Schedule

Have your own private group and need a different time? We can offer this same program to a group of 4 or more in a semi-private atmosphere.


Classes are 1.5 hours each

40 min | Dance Instruction 20 min | Leadership Skills Interactive Discussion

30 min | Dance Social


6-Month Commitment | $190 per month

12-Month Commitment | $154 per month

*$99 per additional sibling



Club Swing + Rumba


Salsa + Bachata


Cha-Cha + Waltz


East Coast Swing + Foxtrot


Parallels between leadership skills we learn through Dancing

and how they will carry us in the real world.

1. How to INITIATE

  • How to initiate a dance vs conversation

2. The importance of having a VISION

  • How to create/innovate

3. How to gain KNOWLEDGE

  • Must have an understanding & education in whatever you are going to lead

4. How to COMMUNICATE well

  • Creating an amazing first impression

  • The importance of good eye contact

  • Setting the tone

  • Respectful vs disrespectful words

  • Being positive

  • Being empathetic

5. How to CONNECT with someone

  • The way you extend your hand

  • Making others feel comfortable

6. How to build CONFIDENCE

  • Charismatic

  • Presence

  • Self-Worth

  • Self-Esteem

  • Being comfortable in your own skin

  • Being Likable

  • Eye contact

  • Having Courage

7. The importance of INTEGRITY

8. How to be a strong MOTIVATOR

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