Creek's Edge Couples Date Night

Friday, June 11, 2021 6:00 - 8:00pm

The perfect Friday Night Date Night Pairing for you and your sweetheart -- salsa dancing under the bistro lights of the pavilion with the beautiful backdrop of Creeks Edge Winery. No experience necessary to get dressed up (or down), enjoy your favorite wine, and learn some fun + fancy + flirty salsa moves to connect with your partner for amazing quality time + memories to start the summer right.

This is a ticketed event so make sure to purchase a ticket in advance ($60) with day-off tickets slightly more ($75).

Come out a bit before the class to ease into the weekend with Creeks Edge wonderful selection of wines to maximize your dance mojo for a Dance Date Night you'll both remember + look forward to.

Want to have even more fun? Invite a few other couples for an even more fun experience to cut up + cut loose with a perfect pairing of friends, drinks + memories you won't soon forget.

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