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Benefits Of Dancing With Your Partner

Dancing is one of the most amazing activities that you can share with your partner!

"One of our very favorite parts about being dance instructors, is working with couples who learn the skill of dance together from the ground up. It is truly incredible to watch them experience something new together. Immediately couples begin to work as a team, build better communication with each other through the learning process and show support, patience, and grace with one another. Couples laugh a bunch, get silly together, hold hands and connect, kiss, hug, and are affectionate with one another. Truly is a beautiful thing."

- April & Adam

1. Time Together

Carving time out of your busy schedules and dedicating it to your loved one for a date night is a beautiful way to stay connected. The positive feelings about the shared experience make couples excited to prioritize time alone with each other.

2. Increases Intimacy

Holding hands, touching, being in each others arms, and moving together, all while smiling and laughing, sets a beautiful and intimate mood.

3. Physical Activity

Anytime we move our bodies, it is a great stress reliever, releasing hormones that puts us in a better mood, and gives us the ability to let go and laugh. Dancing increases physical strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and better mental health as well.

4. Emotional Connection

A lot of research has shown that after doing physical activities together, couples report feeling happier about their relationships and more in love.

Can Dancing Improve a Relationship?

Yes! Dancing is a fun, flirtatious, and sexy activity that can bring that honeymoon stage energy back to the relationship.

"Can I have this DANCE with you for the rest of my life?"

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