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How Sleep Affects Our Ability to Learn

Want to Learn More / Faster?


Oct 7th - Nov 7th

Listen to the following information, and play with some small changes that can make a big difference in this life! Remember Dance King Family, just one foot in front of the other.


Do you like yourself a good nights sleep? Here at Dance King -- we certainly do. Especially after dancing hard all day and working on fun, new ways to give Loudoun more excuses to dance. 30-days from today -- we "fall back" one hour (November 7th at 2:00am) -- to gain another hour of daylight in the dark autumn and winter months. to get some amazing insight to your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker.

In this deep dive into the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when you get sleep -- and the alarmingly bad things that happen when you don't, for both your brain and body. Learn more about sleep's impact on your learning, memory, immune system and even your genetic code -- as well as some helpful tips for getting some shut-eye.

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